These reviews that our clients have recently submitted are the best way to learn more about Little Lotus services.

Nova Williams

I sought Little Lotus/Nicole’s services while I was going through not only a very difficult time in my life personally, but also medically. After attending regular sessions for a few months both areas of my life have greatly improved. She is gentle, nurturing, powerful, and professional and I have such great respect for what she does and her abilities. Highly recommended

Matt Wolf

Nicole is a godsend for me! She has gotten my body, mind, and soul out of some rough places. If you are critical of energy work you won’t be after a few reiki sessions with Nicole

Kristen MacArthur

When I was first suggested to Nikole, I was extremely under weight, my dad just died, I couldn’t stop vomiting for months, my loved ones had started to give up hope with me. I was extremely skeptic and to be honest, I thought the ideas of reiki and crystals were silly. I have been seeing Nikole for ab 10 months and my life has completely transformed. She hears me, feels me, and the results of our work are effective. Gradually as the year unfolded, the more I saw her.. my life and my soul became lighter. Today I consider Nikole a friend, we cry real happy tears when I come in and we go over how much progress we’ve made. When I arrived at Lotus I was dying, today I’m more alive than ever. Nikole plays a massive role in that!!!!! Go to her!

Alaura Pittman

Hazel came out and worked with our two rescue pigs. She was amazing with them and they were very comfortable around her. You could tell she really loves working with them and her energy is amazing. It was a very powerful experience! Would highly recommend her to anyone!

Tara Beck Gyke

After moving into an old farmhouse, I knew I wanted to cleanse & protect our new property. I can’t recommend Little Lotus enough. Hazel brings a comforting energy to the process & we were left feeling very renewed & clear of anything that could be negative. Thank you so much!!

Joseph Farkas

I have worked with Nicole for years for reiki session both for my self as well as my dog. I am excited for the opening of her new professional location so close to home! I would allow no one else to perform reiki on my pets and could not recommend her more. Nicole’s professionalism and energy is on par with no one.

Johnny Utah

When i scheduled my Reiki appointment, I was a little skeptical. I've known Nicole for about 10 years, so it wasn't her i was skeptical of, but the treatment. I really didn't know what to expect or if it would help me. The day of the appointment, Nicole and I talked for a bit as she wanted to know what to focus on with me (i.e. anything that was mentally or physically ailing). I told her about my mental struggles of holding some burden with me for quite a few years and my constant neck and right shoulder pain that would result in giving me headaches. Once i arrived, i knew this was the place I needed to go to. The atmosphere/environment was very inviting yet relaxed. Nicole is very thorough and describes in detail what she is doing and why. My appointment lasted over an hour, and I have to say, i never in a million years thought i would wake up today feeling like i do. No pain in my neck/shoulder area. My body feels more relaxed and feel like the weight of the world is off of me. I would highly recommend going to Little Lotus with some helpful advice: Please be honest to not just Nicole, but to yourself as well. Just like a medical doctor, she won't be able to totally help you if you're not 100% honest with yourself. Thank you so much for your help, Nicole!!!!

Angela Cleary

I had such a welcoming and pleasant experince with Nicole tonight! It was my first time experiencing Reiki and it was as beautiful and honest as I have dreamed.

Abra Greenberg

After many years, I had a reiki session that was absolutely fabulous. I was made to feel very comfortable and as a result, had a tremendous experience. I will be going back again very soon. If anyone is interested in trying reiki, please consider going here. Fantastic experience!!

Ellie Asher

Nikki is such a caring individual and I have the fullest faith in her abilities. Just being around her makes you calm and energized afterwards. Would highly recommend her services!

Stephanie Katz - Santa Monica,CA

My most precious being passed last week. I was so distraught I wanted to make sure he was ok. My friend Gloria from Costa Rica had a great experience with Nicole. Helping her dog move on in a positive way. Nicole did a animal communication and distance Reiki session which helped to release the energetic tie So my puppy and I could move forward with less pain. It really helped! I felt lighter. She helped make this experience much more positive than I could’ve hoped for. Thank you so much Nicole for being there!

Jeniffer See - Tampa,Florida

I've had several distance reiki sessions, and they've all been amazing. I always feel more balanced, calm, together, and just peaceful after. I travel quite often, and am not always able to book in-person reiki sessions- so being able to participate over a long distance is so valuable to me. Hands down cannot recommend them enough.

Randi Greenberg - New York, New York

I was visiting from New York and realized I could use some healing during a stressful time. I was referred to Nicole and could not be more happy to have a go-to healer in the Columbus area. Loved her energy immediately upon meeting her! We had a quick talk before the session - and the next hour of reiki was tailored to work on the issues I was experiencing as well as general healing. Nicole creates an incredible and comfortable atmosphere to relax and focus on yourself. A couple weeks later and I still feel the effects! Look forward to seeing her every time I'm back in Columbus.

Lisa Bare Culp

My experience with Little Lotus was really, really good. My dog, Bruno, has a recurring back issue that leaves him with a combination of pain and doggy-depression. After various drug treatments from the vet he was just not getting better. Nicole came out for a couple of reiki treatments and he really responded to them. He is drug free and back to wrestling!

Beth Yocum

I would refer Little Lotus to everyone and everything!! Lol!! Hazel aka Nikki did animal reiki on our female guinea pig, Xeoniva. She wasn’t eating nor drinking. We honestly thought that we would have had to say goodbye to her soon. :( Little Lotus brought our piggy “back from the grave”! Seriously! Hazel was soo delicate with Xeonvia. The atmosphere she provided made me calm! Now, our guinea is as happy as she can be :) Her wheeking is just as bright as the day is new 🌞Thank you soooooo very much for the love and care you gave Xeonvia!

Kay Adams

Highly recommended! She’s the only reiki healer that I go to! Hazel is pure hearted and is immensely passionate about what she does. Her compassion is utterly beautiful and she truly lives by her values. She has helped me so much with my emotional clearing from previous trauma. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through it without her. Thank you so much for all of the work you do to serve humanity. You are an absolute blessing to us all! ♥️♥️♥️