There are two ways of spreading the light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. –Edith Wharton

Welcome, and thank you for inviting me to join you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery!

My name is Nicole Shrestha, Not only am I a trauma survivor first because lets be honest it deserves its recognition to anyone who has had to face it but I’m incredibly honored to be a Reiki Master/Teacher specializing in both human and animal wellness. Alongside being a highly sensitive empath and an Animal Communicator, I hold certifications in nine other powerful healing modalities. My expertise in Animal Reiki has garnered recognition through various publications, and my practice extends from beloved pets to exotic creatures, including primates.

As an empath, I offer more than just surface-level assistance; I guide individuals towards uncovering the deeper issues impacting their lives. Providing a safe, non-judgmental space, I facilitate relaxation, profound insights, and a stronger connection to both self and source during our sessions.

Empowering my clients is paramount to me. I encourage them to integrate the peace, self-love, and connection experienced in my studio into their daily routines, believing wholeheartedly that happiness and serenity are choices accessible to us regardless of external circumstances.

In my work with animals, I've discovered a unique ability to identify and alleviate the emotional and spiritual root causes behind their behavioral and physical challenges. Through advanced techniques in long-distance animal communication, I've assisted clients globally, spanning from North America to Asia. Additionally, I facilitate communication with beloved pets who have passed on, providing solace and closure to grieving hearts.

Outside of my practice, I'm deeply committed to serving my community. Volunteering at local hospitals and numerous rescue shelters/sanctuaries allows me to extend my passion for healing to those in need.

During our time together, I'll guide you in harnessing Universal Life Energy, drawing upon my expertise as a Reiki Master to facilitate holistic healing on emotional, mental, and physical levels. My dedication to this work is unwavering, and I consider it an honor to walk alongside you in your healing journey. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work with you or your cherished companion soon.


  • Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher Certification
  • Trauma Informed Care & Somatic Breathwork Master Class Graduate
  • Karuna Ki Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Animal Reiki Master
  • Shamanic Inca Reiki
  • Sekhmet Reiki Ancient Egyptioan Art of Healing
  • Certified Crystal Healing Practitioner
  • Certified Ataana Method Energy Practitioner
  • Chios Energy Healer
  • Graduate of the My Energy Body Program